Finally a Conquered Wall

Photo Title

The Murund Jajeera Fort, 3 kilometers from Murund is a beautiful place to visit. Spread across over 22 acres, the fort is 40 feet high, unconquered in its 35o years of history. While the high walls and stony arches almost take your breath away, there is something about the large waves crashing in, which makes it all the more picturesque. Different colours of life strike back as one moves along the fort – Persian inscription on a white stone near the door. A few graves. A palace. Dilapidated structures telling stories of their own. But while national heritage monuments seem to be attracting so much funds and attention, it looks like this one is slowly dying a pitiful death due to citizen’s apathy. The stony structures are adorned with Pepsi cans and ice cream sticks. The walls were inscribed with not only Persian scripts but also with our very own devnagiri, talking about love stories. The lake water that seemed to be the pride of the princesses and queens staying there had become covered in a green layer, number of plastic souvenirs lying along in heaps. Directly, under the control of the Indian Archeological Survey, this fort was clearly uncared for. The official visits and regular cleaning up exercises haven’t been able to change a thing. Thousands of tourists turning in have made the place a sad dumping ground of waste. While the dustbins installed every few meters sit pretty, the fort finally seems conquered, well …by heaps of plastic bags and tons of coke cans….

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