The Doors


When one door closes another opens : not for too long. 

I walked a street

And clicked a door

A door :ajar, half -open,

It stood there,

And looked at me

Smiled and said-

“Step in,

Peek around..”

The restoration work in progress for the last three years at the heritage building – Nana Wada.
The tiny door at the terrace of Bhuleshwar Temple, Maharashtra

It wasn’t a pleasant looking door,

Its corners crumbling,

Chest heaving,

Old wood, too much rain!

I stopped for a while. Pondered at the invite

“What will this provide?”

Hmph, he said,

With that it sensed my despise..and slammed shut its divide.

At the Arts Camp in Kamshet
A piece of cloth hangs at a door in Budhwar Peth – Pune’s red-light area.

I walked away,

Met another one,

This time it was a bleeding blue door.

I didn’t ponder

Several doors passed,

Each saw me pass.

None called onto me twice,

Some laughed at me.

A pink one cursed me. An oldie kicked,

A palace door beckoned me with bribe

The antique door hypnotized

But I waited.

I reached a passing train

And saw yet another opening,

It called onto me.

The Traveler’s Door,

I sighed,

It had no eyes, no smell, no colour, no race,

A door – a traveler’s memoir,

A moving machine carried it afar.

Off I sped,

Jumped, Yelled and Crawled,

And hopped onto its crevice.

Now seated in between its iron rods,

I find

My door, my right – no colour, no disguise.

This potter in Kumbharwada, Pune waits in front of his locked door – for his wife 🙂
In Wai I came across some  inviting doors :D Part I Wai Doors
In Wai I came across some inviting doors 😀 Part I Wai Doors
Wai Doors -Part II
Found this in the old city – Pune
Anne Besant’s Theosophical Society’s closed door.
Wai Doors – Part III
Near Nandi statue : a temple in Wai, Maharashtra
old cityy
An old door stands, quite close to the bustling FC Road in Pune
At Budhwarpeth – the old and the not-so-old
Through a temple in old city of Pune
At the Nimaj Palace, Nimaj, Rajasthan
Nimaj Palace back door
Nanawada in Pune
The City Palace door in Jaipur, Rajasthan

train kamshet

My door, my right – no colour, no disguise.


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