Beautiful Man

Beautiful man-

I yearn,

to follow

the creases

on your face

that line the vast expanse

of the blue sky.


I wonder,

if the twinkle in your eye

connects itself to the brightness

of the stars, in the same instant,

holding and reflecting

the light of a hundred sunsets?


Do your feet know of the

many many miles

of newness and discovery

that your mind

makes each day,

one footstep at a time?


Are your arms aware

how your

warm embrace

can set


imprisoned hearts?


Your shoulders,

in their flesh and blood

carry the grit

and courage

to move

timid souls like me?


Beautiful man,

Your body

is poetry and song

that wraps

this earth’s coarse

textures in a

melody, rhyme and meter.


You are my

soaked dreams,

waiting for their

night to pass,

so they can sprout to

beautiful mornings.


Beautiful Man,

O beautiful





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